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Best Automatic Watches Under $200

Orient Bambino Version 5

The Orient Bambino collection features numerous options for men’s timepieces. The Orient Bambino collection has what you need, whether it’s a simple timepiece for everyday use or a showy accent piece.

It is the Bambino line’s Fifth Generation watch that is the focus of our review. Its stainless steel case and gorgeous blue dial give it a stunning appearance.

We think it polishes off the watch and makes it look great.

Because of how distinctive the blue dial is, we enjoy using this watch daily.

To put it simply, it can make us look like something better. The dial and hands of this timepiece are safeguarded by a mineral crystal that should last for decades of use.

Even though it isn’t as durable as sapphire glass, it still performs admirably.

And if you turn the watch over, you can admire the beautiful skeleton design of the case back. This watch opens up so that its inner workings can be admired.

Finally, the hacking and hand-winding automatic movement developed in-house by Orient is a major selling point of this watch. As a practical everyday watch, it also displays the date.

Seiko SNK355

The Seiko 5 series is the best option if you want to get the most out of your money. The many models in the Seiko 5 series provide top-tier capabilities at an affordable price.

The majority of the range has a high aesthetic quality and a reasonable price tag. The SNK355 is a great timepiece from that series.

In my eyes, the case size and design of this Seiko 5 are top-notch, especially given the low cost. It has a polished appearance that complements the wrist.

It is an excellent choice for a formal timepiece. To look your best at any event, a Rolex is not required. You’ll want to add the SNK355 Seiko 5 watch to your collection.

This Seiko watch features a Japanese automatic movement and is water resistant to 30 metres.

Invicta Pro Diver

When you first lay eyes on an Invicta Pro Diver, you might wonder: “Why does this look familiar?” Because it looks like a Rolex Submariner, of course!

Despite their superficial similarities, the two are quite distinct.

Naturally, the most noticeable distinction is the cost. The Pro Diver is a fantastic everyday automatic dive watch at a fraction of the price of the Submariner.

The Pro Diver is equipped with some neat extras that make it almost as good as the legendary Rolex Submariner. The Pro Diver’s exceptional resistance to water is a great place to begin.

A screw-down crown and a depth rating of 200 metres make this Pro Diver a reliable timepiece. This is comfortable enough to wear scuba diving.

Moreover, it has a unidirectional rotating bezel, which is unusual for watches priced at less than $200. Furthermore, it can run for up to 41 hours without recharging.

So far, this has been our favourite dive watch we’ve tried.

The durability of the Pro Diver should see us through many decades of use. This timepiece is stunning to look at and wear every day thanks to its stainless steel bracelet and case.

The beautiful skeleton case back of this watch is also noteworthy.

Orient Mako II

The Orient Mako II is another amazing timepiece. Let us explain why this article is packed with helpful resources.

For less than $200, the Orient Mako II offers a tonne of useful functionality.

It has a screw-down crown and can withstand water depths of up to 200 metres. It’s a fantastic timepiece for underwater exploration that won’t break the bank.

The Orient Mako II’s in-house automatic movement is a big plus as well. With the Orient, we can always be on the move. Perfect!

The Orient Mako II has a large case protected by relatively scratch-resistant mineral glass.

In any case, it’s a good fit, whatever your wrist size. The size is perfect and allows us to appreciate the dial layout.

Despite its apparent simplicity, the dial is stunning.

Seiko SNK805

The SNK805 is another fantastic timepiece from Seiko. As expected from a company with Seiko’s stellar reputation.

The Seiko SNK805 is an automatic watch that, at first glance, you’ll know you’ll love wearing. The beautiful green colour makes it stand out despite its minimal design.

Large Arabic numerals, luminescent hands and markers, and a date/day window decorate the dial. The appearance is basic and practical. As we’ve already established, this watch is ideal for daily use.

The Seiko SNK805’s nylon strap gives it an outdoorsy vibe. If you’d like to dress up this Seiko timepiece, however, the strap can be easily removed and replaced with any type of leather you like.

The Seiko SNK805 has a laid-back vibe about it thanks to its whimsical aesthetic. You won’t find a more exciting watch than this one, both in terms of strap material and dial hue.

Vostok Amphibian

The Russian dive watch market is about to get some serious competition from the Vostok Amphibian. Not to mention the fact that we are not joking!

It’s safe to say that the Vostok Amphibian had the most unique and interesting design of any of the spacecraft ever made.

That’s the truth, and we couldn’t be happier about it. The Vostok Amphibian is a wonderful option if you want a watch with a truly unique design.

The Vostok Amphibian can be recognised by its distinctive turquoise dial. The watch’s design cues us into the ocean, where it belongs.

This unusual-looking timepiece is built to last. It can withstand depths of up to 200 metres, making it ideal for scuba diving. You can rest assured that no amount of moisture will ever enter because the crown is screwed down.


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