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Best Watches Under $7000

Rolex Explorer II 16570

The 16570 is highly sought after as it is the last of the line before the case size grew from 40 to 42mm and is one of the few late model Rolex references that has not yet risen above the $10,000 mark amid this ongoing steel Rolex craze. Not having the modern version’s oversized GMT hand is a minor inconvenience in exchange for its superior wearability.

The 16570 has a similar “tool watch” feel to an early ceramic Submariner, thanks in large part to its brushed top surfaces all over. If you don’t want to attract unnecessary attention, this is one of the few top-tier Rolex models you can buy.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34mm 114200

This Rolex Oyster Perpetual reference in a 34mm case is one of two on the list, and it is the only one whose dial design shares a number with an Air King reference.

It shares the same 3-6-9 dial configuration as the Rolex Explorer and was still available up until very recently despite its relatively small size in comparison to other Rolex models. Since the dial is mostly brushed, it has a more utilitarian feel than a Datejust or other Rolex references, and its layout and colour are ones we wish were more widely used across the brand’s offerings.

If you prefer a more compact watch, this OP can hold its own against the newest colourful dial variants.

Omega Seamaster 300

This reborn Omega Seamaster 300 debuted in 2014, a full year before it was featured in the Spectre James Bond film. Don’t worry though; this reference’s appeal goes far beyond its association with 007. (even if it is offered on a Bond-style NATO strap). This 41mm diver, inspired by the original Seamaster from 1957, has a commanding presence on the wrist thanks to its long, flat case profile and relatively long lugs.

The gold accents on its bezel and crown, along with the faux-aged luminous indices and hands, make this two-tone NATO design a strong contender. There is an option to purchase these on a bracelet with a complementary two-tone finish for a more ostentatious look.

Panerai Luminor

There are a plethora of Panerais available today, but there’s nothing wrong with going for the classic Paneristi 15th Anniversary Edition Base Logo.

The Paneristi (an online community of dedicated Panerai collectors) recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, and to mark the occasion, the company offered to release a special 500-piece boutique edition just for them.

It’s a straightforward timepiece that’s easy to identify if you’re already familiar with the style.

IWC Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Top Gun Miramar

In 2012, Top Gun surprised the market with the Top Gun Miramar, a radical departure from the brand’s usual fare with its 46mm ceramic case. The Miramar, with its gunmetal case, matching dial, and combination of cream and red accents on an olive drab strap, replaces the Pilot as the “gentleman’s utility,” if you will.

This was military chic before military chic was cool, and even now, eight years later, the look is current and appropriate. Its well-executed design is complemented by the fact that it is powered by an automatic IWC in-house manufactured flyback chronograph calibre.

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Oris Big Crown

Finally, a departure from the norm. What about a skeletonized, hand-wound watch with a 10-day power reserve? What do you think of all that for less than $6,000? Meet the Oris Propilot X Calibre 115, a watch that debuted in the fall of 2019 to much fanfare.

After the huge success of their 11x series of calibres, the brand decided to go in a completely different direction, creating something cutting-edge while still providing an unprecedented amount of power reserve at a price that undercuts the competition by a wide margin.

The 44.7mm diameter of the titanium case and bracelet is slightly larger than average, but the watch’s lightweight titanium construction keeps it from being too cumbersome to wear.

Sinn UX EZM 2B

When it comes to affordable and dependable tool watches, Sinn is unrivalled. The German company’s products are always designed with functionality in mind, and many are made for targeted settings. Constructed from hardened submarine steel and outfitted with a high-precision quartz calibre in an oil-filled case.

You’re in for a real treat if this is your first time seeing one of these. Even the most glare-proof sapphire crystal can’t compete with the readability of an oil-filled dive watch. This one’s a bit of a tank at 44mm across, but it’s made to withstand bullets, so that’s kind of the point.

TAG Heuer Autavia

The latest TAG Heuer model is a unique one. Aesthetically, it’s a handsome timepiece that takes cues from the past (the dial, the numerals, the distressed strap) without copying an existing TAG Heuer model (despite the Autavia moniker). In addition, it can accommodate a wide variety of wrist sizes thanks to its 42mm case and short lugs.

The authenticity of making an Autavia that isn’t a chronograph will be debated by Vintage Heuer purists, but for those who can look past the name, this is a reasonably priced, well-made, and thoughtfully designed watch that will serve you well in your everyday life.


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